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Seago Rescue Sling
Seago Rescue Sling

Weather resistant stowage bag

Rail mountable unit

Simple visible instructions

Buoyant sling with 30 metres floating line


More Information

Seago Rescue Sling Facts, Features and Plus Factors:

  • Stowed in a waterproof bag with simple instructions printed on the outside in case of emergency use.
  • Rail mountable using a velcro strap system making light work of attaching the unit.
  • The stowage bag has storm flaps to reduce water entry and has a velcro fastened top cover with webbing tab for rapid deployment.
  • Large floating yellow sling has webbing running through it giving it strength and a webbing handle to facilitate quick deployment.
  • 30 metres of braided floating line and an anti-chafe cover at one end for attaching to a strong point.
  • Bag available in white or yellow.