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Spinlock PXR Cleat 0206 - Fixed
Spinlock PXR Cleat 0206 - Fixed

Spinlock PXR Cleats feature a unique roller cam action that allows for accurate cleating of lines under load and easy release.


More Information

There are two sizes available to suit line sizes 2-6mm and 8-10mm.

The Fixed PXR cam cleats can be positioned next to one another in compact areas.

Perfect for keeping deck space clear.

Can also be used in conjunction with the PXR mast bracket.


  • Lines: 2mm - 6mm (3/32" - 1/4")
  • Loads up to 140kg (308lbs)
  • Requires 2 x M4 countersunk fixings to fit.


  • Lines: 8mm - 10mm (5/16" - 3/8")
  • Loads up to 200kg (440lbs)
  • Requires 2 x M5 countersunk fixings to fit.
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