Sta-Lok Toggle & Sta-Lok

Sta-Lok Open Turnbuckle - Toggle and Sta-Lok

Chrome Plated Finish
High tensile forged bronze alloy body
Toggle fork with pin at one end
Stalok DIY compression stud the other end 
available in 3mm 1/4" up to 12mm 3/4" UNF

£ 52.40 inc VAT

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The proven design of the Sta-lok turnbuckle exceeds the breaking load of today's modern high strength wire ropes

Forged from high tensile Bronze alloy.

The aerodynamic design of this turnbuckle provides one of the strongest and most elegant bronze turnbuckles on the world market today.

Wire DiameterUNF ThreadLength Open / ClosedToggle Width / Pin DiameterBreaking Load
3mm1/4''234 / 154mm6.4 / 6.4mm1319kg
4mm1/4''234 / 154mm6.4 / 6.4mm1319kg
4mm5/16''250 / 170mm8.4 / 7.9mm2118kg
5mm5/16''250 / 170mm8.4 / 7.9mm2118kg
5mm3/8''282 / 189mm9.9 / 9.5mm3255kg
6mm3/8''284 / 191mm9.9 / 9.5mm3255kg
6mm7/16''322 / 217mm11.5 / 11.1mm4388kg
7mm7/16''322 / 217mm11.5 / 11.1mm4388kg
7mm1/2''344 / 237mm13.1 / 12.7mm5970kg
8mm1/2''344 / 237mm13.1 / 12.7mm5970kg
8mm5/8''403 / 283mm16.3 / 16mm9613kg
10mm5/8''403 / 283mm16.3 / 16mm9613kg
12mm3/4''500 / 355mm19.1 / 18.5mm14061kg

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