Sta-Lok Eye & Swage

Sta-Lok Open Turnbuckle - Eye and Swage

Forged from high strength bronze alloy

High quality polished chromium finish

Requires professional swaging

Supplied with Threaded Eye and Swage Stud

For wire sizes 3-12mm

£ 28.14 inc VAT

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Wire DiameterUNF ThreadLength Open / ClosedEye WidthHole DiameterBreaking Load
3mm1/4''222 / 142mm6mm6mm1319kg
4mm1/4''227 / 147mm6mm6mm1319kg
4mm5/16''244 / 160mm6.5mm8.2mm2118kg
5mm5/16''244 / 160mm6.5mm8.2mm2118kg
5mm3/8''267 / 180mm7.8mm9.5mm3255kg
6mm3/8''274 / 187mm7.8mm9.5mm3255kg
6mm7/16''290 / 194mm9.3mm11.3mm4388kg
7mm7/16''290 / 194mm9.3mm11.3mm4388kg
7mm1/2''325 / 222mm11.5mm12.7mm5970kg
8mm1/2''325 / 222mm11.5mm12.7mm5970kg
8mm5/8''392 / 268mm13.6mm16.5mm9613kg
10mm5/8''396 / 272mm13.6mm16.5mm9613kg
12mm3/4''488 / 327mm17.7mm19.5mm14061kg