Sta-Lok Swage Fork Machined

High specification stainless steel swage fork machined from solid bar

Designed to suit most chain plates and fixing points.

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Requires professional roller swaging

£ 13.70 inc VAT

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All dimensions in mm

Sta-Lok Swage Fork Machined Dimensions
3mm Swage Fork035-033mm6.2107.86.470396.2
4mm Swage Fork035-044mm7.414.710.37.986457.7
5mm Swage Fork035-055mm917.511.99.5100519.3
6mm Swage Fork035-066mm12.422.215.811.11236110.9
7mm Swage Fork035-077mm14.225.11611.11317010.9
8mm Swage Fork035-088mm16.127.419.213.71528012.6
10mm Swage Fork035-1010mm17.729.422.615.918310015.6
12mm Swage Fork035-1212mm21.433.325.519.121912018.5
14mm Swage Fork035-1414mm2538.131.522.224914021.5
16mm Swage Fork035-1616mm28.24033.625.427516025
19mm Swage Fork035-1919mm34.55040.828.636619028.2
22mm Swage Fork035-2222mm40.360.344.431.841724231.5
26mm Swage Fork035-2626mm45.869.857.134.948429034.6

Sta-Lok Swage Fork Machined dimensions