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Sta-Lok Connector

Sta-Lok Connector
Sta-Lok Connector

Emergency rigging repair essential

Onboard assembly

Swageless self-fit mechanical fitting

Hand tools only required

Proven, trusted mechanical design

For 1x19 wire as standard

Separate wedges available for 7x19 and Compact Strand

Check the chart for dimensions


More Information

Sta-lok swageless DIY self-fit connecting terminals are a simple mechanical method of joining wire ropes and excellent for repairing stays and shrouds without replacing metres of stainless steel wire rope.

Sta-Lok Facts and Features:

  • Reusable N.B. with a new wedge
  • Supplied with wedges as standard
  • Efficient under both constant and variable shock loading
  • Stronger than the matching diameter wire rope
  • Totally reliable
  • Proven track record
  • Manufactured from 316 stainless steel grade 1.4401
  • Can be fitted on site or onboard using very simple hand tools

Wire Diameter Body Diameter C Distance A
4mm 14.3mm 11mmm
5mm 15.9mm 14mm
6mm 19.0mm 16mm
7mm 22.2mm 19mm
8mm 25.5mm 19mm
10mm 28.6mm 19mm
12mm 34.9mm 25mm