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Sta-Lok Socket, Wedge and Former Set

Sta-Lok Socket, Wedge and Former Set

Self-Fit Spares Set

Socket, Wedge and Former

for reusing Sta-Lok DIY terminals

for 1x19 wire only

Laser marked for identification


More Information

Sta-Lok Socket, Wedge and Former Set

Excellent onboard spares set comprising one of each:

Sta-Lok Socket
Replace if the original shows any sign of wear or damage

Sta-Lok Wedge
Sta-Lok wedges, also known as cones, can be fitted in situ, onsite or onboard with simple hand tools
Replacement cones must be fitted each time a Sta-Lok DIY self-fit terminal is reused
Suitable for stainless steel 1x19 wire rigging only
There are different wedges for 7x19 and Compact Strand wire

Sta-Lok Former
Sta-Lok self-fit formers are the same for all wire constructions - recommended when reusing a terminal

Sta-Lok Swageless Terminal Fitting Instructions