Holt Stanchion Block

Designed for leading lines aft in a tidy fashion

Fits 25mm (1 inch) diameter stanchions

Excellent articulation

Removable clevis pin axle

£ 22.50 inc VAT

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The Holt Stanchion Block HT450A is designed to fit standard 25mm stanchions with an outside diameter of 25mm or 1 inch (25.4mm)

Holt engineering has applied computational geometry to achieve the optimum shape for secure and efficient clamping.

Stanchion Block Features:

  • Acetal resin sheave with 27mm diameter
  • The cheeks and straps are combined in one simple moulding produced from impact resistant glass filled resin
  • Removable 316 marine grade stainless steel clevis pin axle through sheave
  • Aluminium pin housed in special rubberised compound provides excellent articulation.
  • Glass filled resin clamp with 316 marine grade stainless steel bolts
  • Sympathetic material selection makes the block kind to the deck
ItemSheave DiameterRecommended Line DiameterBreak LoadWeightPart Number
Stanchion Block27mm8 - 10mm350kg56gHT.450A

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