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Holt Stanchion Block
Holt Stanchion Block
Holt Stanchion Block

Designed for leading lines aft in a tidy fashion

Fits 25mm (1 inch) diameter stanchions

Excellent articulation

Removable clevis pin axle


More Information

The Holt Stanchion Block HT450A is designed to fit standard 25mm stanchions with an outside diameter of 25mm or 1 inch (25.4mm)

Holt engineering has applied computational geometry to achieve the optimum shape for secure and efficient clamping.

Stanchion Block Features:

  • Acetal resin sheave with 27mm diameter
  • The cheeks and straps are combined in one simple moulding produced from impact resistant glass filled resin
  • Removable 316 marine grade stainless steel clevis pin axle through sheave
  • Aluminium pin housed in special rubberised compound provides excellent articulation.
  • Glass filled resin clamp with 316 marine grade stainless steel bolts
  • Sympathetic material selection makes the block kind to the deck
Item Sheave Diameter Recommended Line Diameter Break Load Weight Part Number
Stanchion Block 27mm 8 - 10mm 350kg 56g HT.450A
  • Block Size - 27 mm
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