Stainless Steel Snap Shackles

Stainless Steel Snap Shackles, Marine Grade AISI, suitable for halyards, sheets and control lines
Fixed Eye available in 4 Sizes: Small, Medium, Large or XLarge
Swivel Eye available in 3 Sizes: Medium, Large or XLarge

£ 9.00 VAT incl.

£ 10.00


Sprung plunger pin for ergonomic opening and closing/locking

Clevis ring on pin for attaching a lanyard

Pulling on a lanyard makes the release easier if the snapshackle is under any tension

Suitable for use on sheets, halyards and control lines

Available in 2 options:

Fixed Eye - 4 sizes: Small, Medium, Large and XL

For halyards and other applications where shackle rotation is not desired/required 
Snap shackle dimensions fixed eye

Size Eye A B L MBL
Small Fixed 11mm 6mm 32mm 300kg
Medium Fixed 12mm 10mm 55mm 1100kg
Large Fixed 20mm 14mm 70mm 2000kg
X L Fixed 27mm 16mm 93mm 3200kg

Swivel Eye - 3 sizes: Medium, Large and XL

For e.g. Spinnaker halyards and control lines for allowing rotation, where a fixed snapshackle may result in twisting the sail out of shape

snap shackle dimensions swivel eye

Size Eye A B L MBL
Medium Swivel 12mm 12mm 69mm 1100kg
Large Swivel 16mm 14mm 86mm 2000kg
X L Swivel 22mm 20mm 122mm 3200kg

MBL = manufacturer break load