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Guardrail Protect Sheaths

Guardrail Protect Sheaths
Guardrail Protect Sheath - detail
Guardrail Protect Sheath
Guardrail Protect Sheaths

PVC Cover for guardwires

Suitable for all wire

Smooth white PVC split tubing

Retrofit solution

Select by wire size: 5mm, 10mm

Price per single 1.8 metre length

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More Information

Plastimo White PVC Wire Protection has a split down the entire length, allowing the tube to simply slot over the wire.

Each piece is 1.8 metres long.

Easy to cut to length.

Easy to fit over wires.

It is advisable to secure the tubing neatly with white Insulation Tape

Cover all your bare wire to provide anti-chafe protection for ropes, sails and crew.