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TMS Backstay Flicker
TMS Backstay Flicker

Holds the backstay away from the Mainsail Leech

Essential for tacking and gybing with high roach mainsails

Various lengths and gauges available

Please note that fixings are NOT supplied with the backstay flicker


More Information

TMS epoxy backstay flickers come red powder coated. The powder coating adds UV and environmental resistance to the strength and durability of our epoxy/e-glass material. A powder coated backstay flicker will have three times the life span of a non powder coated backstay flicker.

TMS backstay flickers are available in a range of different sizes; complete with a notch to facilitate the fitting of a round thimble and fixing hole.

The size 1 is specifically for a Melges 24, the  Size 2 is for a Melges 32. The other sizes are a bit less specific and need to account for whether the backstay is slightly heavier (wire).

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