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BSI OS Swage T Terminal Backing Plate
BSI OS Swage T Terminal Backing Plate

AISI 316/EN 1.4401 electro-polished stainless steel

for T Terminals 070

3mm/4mm up to 8mm wire diameter

See below for dimensions


More Information

BSI manufacture the world-renowned OS Wire Rigging System, a market-leading range of stainless-steel components suitable for standing rigging on all sizes of sailboats.

BSI OS Swage T Terminal Backing Plates 070 reinforce the mast section around your rigging termination by providing an additional fixing point and spreading the rig tension load.

Available for 3/4mm up to 8mm wire diameter

BSI -OS backing plate dimensions diagram

BSI Size X Y Z D1 L1 L2 L3
700034 3mm/4mm 8.5mm 2mm 4mm 20.5mm 17mm 20.5mm 20.5mm
700005 5mm 10mm 3mm 5mm 20.5mm 17mm 21.5mm 21.5mm
700006 6mm 14mm 3mm 7mm 30.5mm 22.5mm 30.5mm 30.5mm
700007 7mm 15mm 4mm 9.5mm 39.5mm N/A 3 fixing holes N/A 35mm
700008 8mm 17mm 4mm 10.5mm 39.2mm N/A N/A 37mm