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AISI 316 Stainless Steel 316

Toggle linkage can make up a shortfall in length and improve articulation

Clevis Pin and Ring included

Select by pin diameter: 6mm to 22mm


More Information

Blue Wave Toggle Link Shackles - manufactured from AISI 316 stainless steel, can provide extra length and articulation in wire rigging systems.

Blue Wave Stainless Steel Toggle Link Shackle Diagram

Blue Wave Stainless Steel Toggle Link Shackle Dimensions
Blue Wave Pin Diameter B A C MBL
BW-140006 6mm 25mm 7.5mm 7mm 1800kg
BW-140008 8mm 30mm 8.5mm 7.7mm 3600kg
BW-140010 9.5mm 40mm 10.5mm 10.2mm 4000kg
BW-140011 11mm 45mm 11.5mm 10.5mm 4800kg
BW-140012 12mm 50mm 13.5mm 12mm 5800kg
BW-140016 16mm 55mm 17mm 15mm 8000kg
BW-140019 19mm 60mm 21mm 18mm 13000kg
BW-140022 22mm 100mm 25mm 25mm 17000kg
BW-140025 25.4mm 91.5mm 30mm 25mm 29000kg
BW-140028 28mm 107mm 32mm 30mm 36000kg
BW-140032 32mm 117mm 38mm 33mm 48000kg

MBL = Manufacturer Break Load