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Profurl Spinex
Profurl Spinex
Profurl Spinex
Profurl Spinex
Profurl Spinex
Profurl Spinex
Profurl Spinex

Top Down Furler

for yachts from 6.5m to 18m LOA

Can be converted to bottom up furler

For use with loose luff sails like asymmetric spinnakers

3 year world wide warranty


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Profurl Spinex Top Down Furler V2

The Spinex top down furling system allows you to easily use large asymmetric spinnakers from the comfort of the cockpit with the aid of Profurl unique sail bearing technology.

Profurl Bearings Plus Factors:

  • keeps the sail away from the torsion rope underneath
  • reduces sailcloth wear
  • prevents reverse furling
  • increases furling speed due to larger diameter

Profurl Spinex V2 Facts, Features and Plus Factors:

  • Innovative ratchet feature: Furlassist
  • Large spool diameter
  • Innovative thimble arrangement: 2 in 1
  • Swivel tack point with Dyneema® loop
  • PVC sleeves to protect the sail
  • Anti-torque cable
  • Spool and swivel included

FurlAssist Ratchet for enhanced furling control:

  • Prevents accidental unfurling 
  • Positive pawl engagement
  • Load sensitive for fast inhaul
  • Dual direction
  • No additional line required
  • Simple to install and remove (2 screws)

The Spinex kit includes a NEX spool, NEX swivel, Anti-torsion cable, sail bearings, tack swivel and end fittings.

Profurl Spinex Contents

The Spinex can also be converted to a bottom up furler by removing the tack swivel. This allows for the use of code zero, gennaker and staysails.

Model Spinex 0.9 Spinex 1.5 Spinex 2.5 Spinex 4.0
Maximum yacht length 8m 10m 12m 15m
Maximum sail area 60m2 100m2 150m2 230m2
Maximum working load 900kg 1500kg 2500kg 5000kg
Spool diameter 120mm 150mm 180mm 220mm
Lower fitting Clevis pin snap shackle
Upper fitting D shackle
Anti-torsion cable 9mm x 14m 11mm x 17m 13mm x 20m 15mm x 25m

Profurl Spinex Selector

Profurl Nex V2

Profurl NEXV2 Straight Luff Furler Information

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