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Overall Length

CR2 Fixed = 35.1mm

CR8 Fixed = 80.5mm 

CR8 Swivel = 92.7mm

Full dimensions table below

Manufacturer rated break load

Sleek snag-resistant design

Anti-flog locking function


More Information

Precision manufactured in the USA by Tylaska Marine, world renowned for their quality hardware.

Tylaska CR snapshackles are designed to deliver excellent performance under the toughest cruising conditions.

Tylaska CR Snap Shackle Design Enhancements

Tylaska have refined the concept of the standard shape snapshackle.

CR snap shackles boast the same extreme strength, outstanding corrosion resistance, and aerospace quality as the Tylaska high performance premium range.

The Tylaska Engineering Team have enhanced the ergonomics and the geometry to minimise the chances of catching or snagging.

The plunger pin includes a clevis ring-pull for ergonomic release. 

Tylaska CR sleek design

The snap shackle body also includes a hole adjacent to the clevis ring for securing the snap shackle against accidental release even when experiencing prolonged and violent flogging.

A length of thin cord or cable tie is all that is required

Tylaska CR Locking Function

Tylaska CR Snap Shackle Facts, Features and Plus Factors:

  • 100% proof loading to W.L.L.
  • High strength 17-4 PH stainless steel
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Sleek snag-resistant geometry
  • Captive plunger-pin mechanism with firm spring action
  • Captive crimped plunger pin
  • Options are CR2 and CR8 fixed eye plus CR8 swivel eye

Tylaska CR Fixed Bail Snap Shackle Dimensions Tylaska CR Swivel Bail Snap Shackle Dimensions

Tylaska CR SnapShackle Dimensions and Specifications
Tylaska Option Eye Weight MWLL MBL
TY1102 CR2 Fixed 9.7mm 6.6mm 35.1mm 20.3mm 2.8mm 6.6mm 12g 455kg 910kg
TY1108-FB CR8 Fixed 24.4mm 18.7mm 80.5mm 44.2mm 6.1mm 13.7mm 99g 2000kg 4000kg
TY1108-S CR8 Swivel 24.4mm 13.7mm 92.7mm 44.2mm 6.4mm 13.7mm 128g 2000kg 4000kg

MWLL = Tylaska Working Load Limit

MBL = Tylaska Tested Break Load

Tylaska CR

Tylaska CR Snap Shackle Specifications

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