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Tylaska End Fittings

Tylaska Marine is located in Mystic, Connecticut USA, historically renowned for sailing and whaling.

Tylaska manufacturing is state of the art, stringent and meticulous.

Each component goes through extra quality processes that set them apart from standard marine equipment including:

  • Hipping (Hydro isostatic pressurisation)
  • Heat treating in a vacuum furnace to eliminate any chance of contamination
  • Zyglo and magniflux testing for microscopic flaws too small for the unaided eye to see
  • Salt corrosion testing and ultrasonic cleaning
  • Individual proof load testing
  • Manual cleaning and checking
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Tylaska T8 Standard Bail

Tylaska J Lock Shackle J8

Clearance Tylaska J-Lock Shackles

£199.00 -30%

Tylaska 2:1 Halyard H5

Tylaska Dog Bones

Clearance Tylaska Dog Bones

£19.00 -25%