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Jimmy Green Velcro on webbing sail ties
Jimmy Green velcro on webbing sail tie yellow

High tenacity 45mm polyester webbing

Overlapping hook and loop velcro

Simple and secure attachment


More Information

Velcro Webbing Sail Ties

Heavy duty velcro on webbing sail ties are produced from high tenacity 45mm polyester webbing and a generous length of overlapping hook and loop velcro for simple and secure attachment

Useful for all manner of purposes other than just sail ties

The ties are secured with a length of hook and loop velcro:
i.e. a length of hook sewn on to one end of the webbing and a similar length of loop sewn on to the other end so that they overlap and grip.

This design offers flexibility, security and a useful range of adjustability

1.2m (120cm) has 30cm hook and 30cm loop velcro
1.5m (150cm) has 40cm hook and 40cm loop velcro
1.8m (180cm) has 50cm hook and 50cm loop velcro
2.1m (210cm) has 60cm hook and 60cm loop velcro

Each colour is available in 4 different lengths

For mainsails, you may require different lengths to cope with the variation of sail cloth volume from the tack to the clew

Select different colours to identify the one you want in a hurry

Blue and Navy Webbing Specification:

  • UK Manufacture
  • Pattern Number: R.6153/T/44
  • Specification: High Tenacity Webbing
  • Material: Warp = 100% Polyester, Weft = 100% Polyester
  • Nominal width: 45mm
  • Nominal thickness: 1.4mm-1.6mm
  • Weight: c 64 grams per metre
  • Manufacturer Minimum Break Load (MBL): 29.5 Kn = 3008kg
  • Finish: Disperse Dyed
  • Colour Fastness: EN:ISO105 E04-2013/E01-2013
  • Flammability: to ISO3795

The Yellow version is slightly thicker webbing - MBL c 3000kg