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4mm Wire spliced to 8mm LIROS EVO Halyards

Wire to Rope Halyards may seem outdated compared with modern high tech ropes, but they are still in service all around the world

Take extra care with measuring and specifying your wire, and your rope length - it is advisable to consult the Custom Build Instructions before ordering

More Information

Wire Halyards with spliced rope tails still represent good value if you appreciate, longevity, low maintenance and near zero stretch, and you don't want to go to the trouble of replacing any wire sheaves.

Wire to LIROS Rope Halyards, professionally finished by the Jimmy Green Marine Rigging Team:
7x19 top quality KOS Stainless Steel flexible halyard wire spliced into LIROS Braid on Braid construction low stretch halyard rope

Select from LIROS Braid on Braid EVO (Top Cruising Article 00152/01528) 
Colours: White with blue, green, red or yellow coding, plus plain white, full colour black, navy, or red

Please enquire if you prefer the halyard tail in LIROS Herkules

The Jimmy Green Rigging Team have set this custom build process so that you start with the wire end that attaches to the sail.

Make your selections from the drop down menu options.

Follow the Jimmy Green Custom Build process to get an instant quote and complete the order yourself:

  • Step 1 - Halyard Shackle, optional - not making a selection will result in no fitting being added - our Rigging Team are happy to reuse your existing shackles if preferred
  • Step 2 - Wire termination, required - select a wire termination - the colour of any ball will be in keeping with the rope colour you have selected
  • Step 3 - Wire, required - select the wire and enter a length from the bearing edge to the very tip of the wire inside the splice - see additonal advisory below
  • Step 4 - Joining Splice, required - select the wire to rope joining splice - this splice is 75cm long - see additional advisory below
  • Step 5 - Halyard Tail, required - select your rope colour and length - We will add the extra rope required to make the splice - see additional advisory below
  • Step 6 - Halyard Tail End Finish, optional - not making a selection will result in a basic heat gun cut N.B. a whipping is recommended to maintain the integrity of the rope construction
  • Step 7 - Add a Custom Product Name, optional - add any notes for yourself or the Rigging Team as necessary

Step 3 - Importantant Advisory

Ideally, the wire should stop just short of the halyard winch because if the wire goes around the winch under load it will eventually take up the same shape as the drum.


The length of the wire should be from the bearing edge of the wire termination to the very tip of the wire inside the wire to rope splice.

Step 5 - Importantant Advisory

Your finished rope length will be measured from the end of the wire inside the splice to the end of the rope
The wire to rope splice is 75cm long, but this is allowed for in the splice i.e. we will add 75cm to your selected length, paid for in the price of the splice
The overall length of your halyard selection online should then tally with your requirements

Please consult the Custom Build Instructions before ordering

  • Purchase Type - Custom Build
  • Rope Fibre - Stainless Steel 7x19 Wire
  • Rope Fibre - Polyester
  • Rope Diameter - 8mm
  • Sail Area (Cruising) - up to 10 m2
  • Sail Area (Cruising) - up to 20 m2
  • Colour - Navy
  • Colour - Black
  • Colour - Classic
  • Colour - Blue
  • Colour - Blue Code
  • Colour - Blue Grey
  • Colour - Red
  • Colour - Red Grey
  • Colour - Red Code
  • Colour - Yellow Code
  • Colour - Green Code
  • Colour - Black Grey
  • Colour - Yellow Grey
  • Colour - White