Hempel Bilge Paint

Hempel Bilge Paint

For Damp and Dark Corners:
Bilges and Lockers

High opacity satin finish

Excellent durability

Good water and oil resistance

Not suitable for permanent immersion

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Hempel Bilge and Locker Paint 5112B is suitable for metal and wood surfaces.

Colours available: Light Grey, Mid Grey and White

Tin sizes: 750ml and 2.5 litres

Application Method:

  • Apply 2-3 coats of the product
  • Add thinner to assist application if necessary to a maximum 5%
  • Sanding between coats is recommended (ensure all dust is removed) to obtain a smooth surface

Minimum application temperature 5°C

TemperatureTouch dry timeRe-coating time (Minimum)Re-coating time (Maximum)Thinners/Tool CleanerCoverage
10°C6 hrs16 hours 6 daysThinner No 1 (brush)12 m2/litre
20°C3 hrs8 hours 3 daysThinner No 3 (spray)

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