Classic Ropes

Classic Ropes  

Jimmy Green Marine offer a wide range of classic, natural finish, modern man made fibre ropes to complement traditional looking yachts.
The range covers most running rigging applications and even offers a classic braided mooring line.
Classic ropes are generally available in a classic, natural, traditional hemp look colour or plain white with no manufacturer tracer yarns to spoil the effect.
Classic ropes are designed and manufactured to combine a traditional appearance with modern high tech performance

LIROS Classic 3 Strand Polyester article 01172
 - 100% spun polyester, soft feel, matt finish >15% working load stretch - soft feel not to be confused with inferior polypropylene hemp look ropes

LIROS Classic Dockline Polyester (Porto, article 00133) - 20plait polyester cover ~ braided polyester core - high load and shock absorption capacity >15% working load stretch - superb mooring lines.

LIROS Classic Matt Plait (Seastar, article 00173) - 100% spun polyester, soft feel, matt finish 24plait ((6-10mm 16plait)) cover, 100% high tensile low stretch plaited heat set polyester core <6% working load stretch - ideal for cruising sheets

LIROS Classic Braid on Braid Polyester (Top Cruising article 01528) 20plait high tensile low stretch polyester cover ~ 100% high tensile low stretch plaited heat set polyester core < 5% Working Load Stretch - ideal for cruising sheets, halyards, control lines

LIROS Classic Dynamic Plus - 32plait close weave 100% Polyester (8mm 24plait) smooth construction cover, 12 strand braided Dyneema® SK78 with additional inner plait construction - LIROS-Heat-Stretch-System <2% working load stretch - Competitive Regatta performance with a traditional look - for sheets, halyards and control lines

Marlow Natural Marlowbraid - tough polyester jacket for abrasion resistance, twisted 3 strand core for low stretch (Marlow data c 4%) - ideal for cruising halyards, sheets and control lines
Marlow Natural D2 Racing 78 - 24plait polyester cover, Dyneema SK78 core for Marlow's ultimate racing performance classic sheet, halyard or control line
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