Standing Rigging  

The Jimmy Green Rigging Team produce replacement stays or complete standing rigging re-rigs with quick turn-around times as a matter of course and are well versed in meeting delivery deadlines in the UK, the EU and for export worldwide.


Strict Quality Control Procedures and Accountability Systems ensure that only the best quality stainless steel wire and terminals are considered. Traceability is an important feature of the Jimmy Green assurance policy: STAINLESS STEEL WIRE - QUALITY CONTROL and CARE

Wiretechnik Roller Swaging Technology is available from 2.5mm up to 12mm diameter (up to 10mm on site)

Cabco Talurit soft or hard (thimble) eye Wire Termination from 2mm up to 8mm diameter are available on site.

Both these brands are the marine industry leading manufacturers for wire termination machines.

Jimmy Green Marine offer the full range of Sta-Lok and Petersen swage terminals e.g. eye, forks, tees, strap toggles plus all manner of turnbuckle and backstay insulator options

Jimmy Green Marine also offer the full range of Sta-Lok and Petersen Hi Mod DIY fittings plus Norseman replacement cones manufactured by Tylaska Marine.


All this is available to purchase online

Jimmy Green Marine have also made it possible to get an instant quote.

You need to know:

The type of wire: KOS 1 x 19, Petersen Compact Strand or KOS flexible 7 x 19

The diameter of the wire

The approximate length for each stay

The terminal at the top

The bottom terminal (with or without rigging screw)

These CUSTOM BUILD INSTRUCTIONS will help you through the process.


For a rough guide, approximate lengths and an educated guess for the terminals will suffice. The decision on whether to replace the turnbuckles makes a big difference to the price.


The Jimmy Green Rigging Team are always on hand to help you through this process, by email or on the telephone.

If the measuring seems a daunting responsibility, send us the old rigging as a pattern. We will measure, ask any pertinent questions about the new rig and quote you before starting any work.

For more information check out our WIRE RIGGING GUIDE 

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