Distress Signals

Marine Flares

Distress Flares are an essential part of the safety equipment inventory on any yacht or boat that ventures to sea.

Traditional Distress Signals are generally hand held.
Flares are either pin point (low level) or Aerial Parachute Rocket type.
Pin point flares are available in red, white or orange smoke.
Parachute flares are available in red or white.
There is a floating orange smoke option which can be hand held activated and thrown into the sea.
Because of their hazardous nature, no one under 18 years of age may legally purchase distress signal flares.
Flares are available in packs. Select your pack according to how far offshore you intend to sail.

Electronic Distress Signals are now available as a viable modern alternative to traditional flares.
Electronic generally means a floating, battery operated, Red LED light with no heat, flames or personal risk.

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