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Marlow D2 Grand Prix Sheets

Marlow D2 Grand Prix 78

Marlow's upgraded version of D2 Racing and their ultimate standard production line for racing sheets, halyards and control lines

The Jimmy Green Rigging Team are happy to splice your existing shackles or blocks onto new sheets Simply advise us via email or telephone shortly after ordering and post them to us with a covering note. If you cannot see your preferred fitting on our website, please ask us to source it for you

Cover: 24plait Blended 50/50 Technora/high tenacity Polyester Core: Super prestretched and coated 12 strand braided Dyneema SK78

Plus Factors:

  • Good handling characteristics in race conditions
  • Very good winch, clutch and jammer performance
  • Very good wear and heat resistance
  • High Strength coupled with low elongation
  • Spliceable - advanced core dependent splice
  • Taperable
  • Runs freely through blocks and sheaves

The Technora/Polyester cover can be permanently removed to produce a cover stripped Dyneema core only loop splice. Snapshackles can then be retrofitted/changed over (attached) using a simple a cow hitch - pass the loop through the eye of the shackle, over the top and back down to the rope end.

Marlow D2 Grand Prix 78 Datasheet

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