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Classic Control Lines

Control Lines on Classic Yachts are now available to equal the technical performance of the more colourful lines commonly used on other mainstream yachts

Jimmy Green classic yacht control lines are available in a choice of 100% polyester or dyneema core/polyester cover lines in plain white or hemp colour.

100% Polyester Lines with approximately 4% - 5% stretch

LIROS Classic Braid on Braid EVO, hemp-colour (light brown), low stretch, high-load version of LIROS Braid on Braid and by far the most popular rope for all running rigging applications, available in Classic Hemp.

LIROS Herkules is the next upgrade featuring extra durability for extended cruising, available in white with LIROS identity tracer yarn.

Marlowbraid has a similar outward appearance to Herkules, but it has a straighter laid core than EVO or Herkules, delivering slightly less stretch. However, the laid core means that the construction is not as firm and round as EVO or Herkules, so it is not always the optimum choice for sheets, because it will flatten under load around winches. Marlowbraid is available in Marlow's version of hemp colour, which they call Natural.

Cruising Dyneema Lines constructed from a Dyneema Core and a Polyester Outer Jacket with approximately 2% - 3% stretch

LIROS Dynamic Plus has a Dyneema SK78 core for enhanced low stretch, high strength performance, with an extra inner plait construction for maintaining a stable form under load and a 32plait close weave abrasion resistant polyester cover, available in Jimmy Green exclusive Classic beige colour.

Racing Dyneema Lines constructed from a Dyneema Core and a Polyester Outer Jacket with approximately 1% - 2% stretch

Marlow D2 Racing has a 12 strand Dyneema SK78 core for regatta standard low stretch, high strength performance and a 24plait polyester cover, available in Marlow Natural (hemp colour yarn).

The Jimmy Green Rigging Team are happy to splice your existing snap shackles onto new classic control lines.

Simply advise us via email or telephone shortly after ordering and post them to us with a covering note.

If you cannot see your preferred fitting on our website, please ask us to source it for you.

The Jimmy Green Rigging Team can help you with renewing your classic control lines:

Measure the length required and estimate the diameter. Team Jimmy Green can help you with this part if necessary.

If there is time, you can send us a few inches of the old ones.

Select between 100% Polyester and Polyester cover with Dyneema SK78 core according to your sailing requirements and your budget.

You can simply buy the rope cut to length or choose the splicing, whipping and shackle for Team Jimmy Green to complete the halyard.

Custom Build Instructions    Running Rigging - LIROS Recommended Line Diameters

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