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Furling Line Accessories

Jimmy Green Marine offer a range of blocks and fairleads designed to attach to guard wire and lifeline stanchions.

A headsail furling line can be led aft on a fair line following the toe rail via the blocks/fairleads attached to the stanchions and turned towards a suitable winch. Successful installation will make the whole operation of furling and unfurling conveniently achievable from the relative safety of the cockpit.

Jimmy Green offer options from Barton, Profurl, Holt and Harken including an option to lead the line outboard of the stanchions from Harken.

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Single Size 2 Stanchion Block
Holt Stanchion Fairlead
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Holt Stanchion Block
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Harken 40mm Stanchion Block

Harken 29 mm Outboard Stanchion-Mount Block
Profurl Stanchion Fairlead
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Profurl Articulated Stanchion Fairlead
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Spinlock WL Stanchion Lead
Colligo Marine Quick Release Line Guides CN34BLKRS
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