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LIROS Regatta 2000 Halyards

LIROS Regatta 2000 (article 02000)

Regatta Racing Performance - hard wearing, very low stretch, high load capacity line engineered for best performance

Cover: 1:1 plaited special steel blue high twist polyester with 30% more wear resistance.

Core: Braided Dyneema SK78 core, LIROS-Heat-Stretch-System, LIROS Coating System with a very thin extra traction layer

Diameters and Colours: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm - Steel blue with yellow, red and light blue colour code options

LIROS Regatta 2000 Facts, Features, and Plus Factors:

  • Very low stretch < 1.5% at working load 
  • High load capacity 
  • Excellent smooth handling
  • Non-kinking, balanced braiding 
  • Excellent holding power in cleats and clutches 
  • Good Grip around winches 
  • Solid shape retention around winches - firm, compact braid construction doesn't flatten 
  • Runs freely through blocks and sheaves 
  • Spliceable - advanced core-dependent splice 
  • LIROS-Heat-Stretch-System 
  • LIROS Coating System 

LIROS-Heat-Stretch-System - unique LIROS pre-stretching process, calibrated under exacting temperature and tension conditions, designed to minimise stretch and enhance performance

LIROS Coating System - polyurethane impregnation process improves abrasion resistance and protects against UV damage by up to 50%. N.B. The inner traction layer is not load-bearing, and a certain amount is removed as part of the core-dependent splice. The LIROS manufacturing process produces a balanced braid on braid construction with consistency second to none.

LIROS Manufacturing Excellence:

  • Meticulous attention to exacting standards.
  • Decades of experience
  • Modern factory with technologically advanced, computer-programmed twisting and braiding machinery

The Polyester cover can be permanently removed to produce a cover-stripped Dyneema core-only loop splice.

Snap shackles can then be retrofitted/changed over, attached using a simple cow hitch - pass the loop through the eye of the shackle, over the top and back down to the rope end.

LIROS recommend using individual sail area as a benchmark for determining the optimum line diameter for your running rigging application.

The Jimmy Green Rigging Team suggest that there are additional criteria that you may wish to factor in:

  • Consider increasing the diameter to make handling more comfortable
  • Check the capacity of all associated fittings, e.g. sheaves, blocks and winches
  • Assess how hard you intend to work the rigging
  • Prepare for the rigours of extended cruising

Each line should be capable of comfortably taking the anticipated strain. Still, it should run smoothly and freely through your rigging system to avoid disproportionate effort, needless delay and excessive wear and tear.

The recommendation is subject to how hard you intend to work the rigging. There are two charts published by LIROS, one for cruising and one for racing. The recommendation only varies a little once you reach the larger sail area, where the loading can rise exponentially.

Diameter LIROS Break Load LIROS Maximum Sail Area LIROS Stretch WLS
8mm 3800 kg 30 sqm < 1.5%
10mm 5000 kg 50 sqm < 1.5%
12mm 7200 kg 70 sqm < 1.5%
14mm 9500 kg 90 sqm < 1.5% 
16mm 12600 kg 100 sqm  < 1.5% 

LBL = LIROS Break Load
Maximum Sail Area = Liros maximum recommended sail area in square metres
LIROS Stretch = Working Load Stretch
< = less than

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