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50 / 100 metre Rates - Wire and Fibre

50 metre Coils and 100 metre Reels of top quality stainless steel wire are available at reduced rates in all constructions: KOS, Petersen and Hamma. LIROS, DynIce Dux and Marlow dyneema fibre ropes are also available at advantageous rates for 50 metre and 100 metre lengths.
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Liros D-Pro Static - 100m Reel Deal
Marlow D12 Max 78 hank
Marlow D12 Max 78 Reel
Marlow M-Rig Max - 100m Reel Deal
Dynice Dux - 100m Reel Deal
50 Metre Coil Deal - Compact strand stainless steel
100 Metre Reel Deal - Compact strand stainless steel