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Seldén Mainsheet and Genoa Travellers

Track, Travellers and Cars

Four track sizes are available for yachts up to 65 feet.

We list the most popular travellers and end stops, with other cars available on request.

Choosing the right system can depend on the size of the dinghy or yacht.

Use the chart and calculator below and the guidelines from Seldén when selecting your Seldén Mainsheet and Genoa Travellers.

The load on a genoa car depends on yacht's power and the sheet angle. A big overlapping 150% genoa has a flat angle of approximately 45º, and a 110% high performance jib will have a steep angle close to 80º. All safe working loads for Seldén genoa cars are based on 70° sheet angle, which gives a total deflection angle (a) of 110º. All safe working loads on Seldén main cars and self tacking cars are based on 10° sheet angle.

Seldén Main Sheet Track Calculator

Seldén Genoa Car Calculator

Selden Mainsheet and Genoa Travellers
Seldén System Option Yacht Size Track Diameter
Seldén System 15 dinghies and small keelboats up to approximately 22 foot 15mm
Seldén System 22 keelboats and yachts from 20 foot up to approximately 33 foot 22mm
Seldén System 30 yachts from 30 foot up to approximately 45 foot 30mm
Seldén System 42 boats from 40 foot up to approximately 65 foot 42mm
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System 15 Tracks
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Pin Stop Car - Starboard
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