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Lofrans Vertical Windlasses

The primary consideration in selecting the right anchor windlass is the available space above and below the deck.

A Vertical anchor windlass works with the gypsy rotating around a vertical shaft so that the chain turns through ninety degrees in passing up from and down into the chain locker. This design reduces the deck footprint and the profile of the windlass because the electric motor and the gearbox are fitted underneath.

There should be an unobstructed minimum height of 300mm between the top of the stacked chain and the underdeck. This ensures a swift dropping of the chain into the locker, optimising the windlass's performance.

Lofrans Vertical Windlasses are ideally suited where space is restricted above deck combined with a sizeable, deep chain locker. 

Lofrans X and SX Series

The X and SX vertical windlass range series is meticulously crafted to offer anchoring solutions for sail and motorboats ranging from 18 to 100 feet. As standard, the X series comes in mirror-polished marine bronze produced by hot forging and comprises models X1, X2, X3, and X4. All X series windlasses are available in a standard version with a drum and a low-profile version.

Lofans SX Series

The SX Series, a new round-base vertical windlass, includes the models SX1, SX2, SX3, SX3.5, SX4, and SX5. The round base design is constructed with marine stainless steel AISI 316L to ensure corrosion resistance and offers a more compact structure. All SX series windlasses are available in a standard version with a drum and a low-profile version, except the SX1 (only low-profile). Different motor options are available to meet a diverse range of customer requirements.

Lofrans Vertical Windlasses for Yachts over 55 Feet in Length

The X4 in the X Series and SX4 to SX5 in the SX Series are specifically designed for installation in yachts exceeding 55ft in length. These yachts demand professionally designed equipment with high mechanical performance and reliability. With a purpose-built gearbox design, providing top performance in terms of maximum pull and speed, these models are esteemed in their category. Lofrans has earned an excellent reputation for these anchor windlasses, widely installed on prestigious yachts worldwide.

Lofrans Innovative Solutions

  • Watertight stainless steel ball bearings in the base ensure maintenance-free, top-performance functionality.  
  • The clutch consists of two conical discs fitted onto the main shaft via two flat parallel planes, eliminating the use of keys and spreading the load on a wider surface.
  • The X series, as standard, is equipped with a pre-fitted sensor in the base and a magnet in the Gypsy, allowing connection to an optional chain counter system.
  • Models X1, X2, and X3 feature a Gypsy to manage rope and chain.
  • Independent drum rotation from the Gypsy facilitates warping operations.
  • Manual override enables the windlass to recover the chain and anchor during electrical failure. The manual override mechanism within the gearbox, consisting of a spring-loaded ratchet, serves as a safety feature to prevent deck damage in case of chain jams.

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