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Lofrans Horizontal Windlasses

A horizontal anchor windlass features a gypsy that rotates on a horizontal shaft, moving the chain straight up from or down into the chain locker.

Lofrans Horizontal windlasses all have motors above deck, except for the Kobra model. 

Therefore, the above deck profile and footprint are larger than on vertical windlasses because the whole unit is above deck rather than protruding into the chain locker.

Therefore, the primary consideration in selecting an appropriate anchor windlass is the available space above and below the deck.

Lofrans Horizontal Windlasses are ideal where there is sufficient room above deck, but space in the chain locker is restricted.

Remember that there should be a minimum height of 300 mm between the top of the stacked chain and the underdeck. This ensures a swift dropping of the chain into the locker, optimising performance.

Lofrans Horizontal Windlasses have a rich legacy dating back to 1966. Lofrans, renowned for their quality and reliability, has been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing top-tier windlasses for over 50 years.

Lofrans has pioneered features such as Automatic Free Fall, the Control Box, and the user-friendly "plug-and-play" windlass. The Lofrans Engineering Team places a premium on sourcing lightweight, high-strength, and corrosion-proof materials to craft windlasses that meet the highest standards.

Marine Grade Stormproof Casings

Lofrans Horizontal Windlasses feature casings produced from marine-grade aluminium alloy, meticulously polished and anodised for ultimate weatherproof protection. For those preferring a classic look, they offer a polished chrome finish on hot-forged bronze or marine-grade AISI 316L stainless steel.

Reliable Weatherproof Motors and Gearboxes

Lofrans’ motors and gearboxes are meticulously engineered to deliver high torque, high speed, and enduring capability in the harsh marine environment. With options available in DC 12 or 24 volts, their electrically powered units boast impressive IP66 and IP67 ratings, ensuring dust-tight and waterproof functionality.

High-Quality Components

Lofrans components undergo stringent manufacturing processes, including hot forging for components like wingnuts, gypsies, gear wheels, and clutches. This process results in enhanced mechanical strength, a compact molecular structure, and superior surface conditions.

Jimmy Green Marine offers the full range of DC electric windlasses catering to boats and yachts spanning from 6 metres to 50 metres in length overall.

Lofrans produces the only viable manual windlass on the market today for leisure boating and yachting, the Royal.

Notable features of Lofrans Horizontal Windlasses include Manual Override for retrieval during electrical failure, independently operated Rope Drum and Chain Gypsy, Automatic Free Fall option, and specialised Gypsies for chain-only or chain and rope combinations.

  • Manual Windlass Option – Royal
  • Manual Override
  • Independently operated Rope Drum and Gypsy
  • Automatic Free Fall Option
  • Combination Rope Chain Gypsies for the Atlas and Dorado
  • Control Box included

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