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Lofrans Lion 1000 Horizontal Windlass

Lofrans Lion 1000 Horizontal Windlass
Lofrans Lion 1000 Horizontal Windlass

All above deck unit - Replaces the Atlas Windlass

Boat length guide roughly 25-35 feet Lofrans Size Chart

3 year warranty subject to registration

Combination Chain/Rope Gypsy


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The Lofrans Lion 1000 Horizontal Windlass is capable of handling rope and chain on the same gypsy with the help of a specially engineered spring-loaded finger which keeps the warp firmly connected to the gypsy by applied pressure.

The complete unit is very compact and sits entirely on deck.

Automatic Free Fall is available as a factory fitted option
Automatic Free Fall enables pinpoint anchoring - activate the free fall button and the windlass will freefall your anchor.
Free Fall is operable from any remote control, panel switch or hand held remote.

The Lofrans Lion deck template and user manual/installation instructions are readily available in Download section above.

Lofrans Lion Features and Plus Factors:

  • Automatic free fall option - fitted at the factory
  • Aluminium alloy deck Unit, weatherproofed with a special white polyester powder coating
  • Manual chain release
  • Rope and chain combination gypsy managed by the spring-loaded finger (arm)
  • Factory pre-set chain counter magnet
  • Heavy Duty 700 watt IP66 rated Lofrans electric motor
  • Separate Control Box included
  • Net weight 11kg
Lofrans Lion Specifications:
Lofrans Motor Automatic Free Fall Chain Gypsy Rope Gypsy Line Speed at Working Load Maximum Line Speed Maximum Pull Power Supply Working load Amps at Working Load
636214 700W No 6mm DIN766 10/12mm 3strand 23 m/min 26 m/min 575 kg 12V 105kg 60A
636215 700W No 8mm DIN766 12mm, 3strand 23 m/min 26 m/min 575 kg 12V 105kg 60A
636216 700W Yes 6mm DIN766 10/12mm 3strand 23 m/min 26 m/min 575 kg 12V 105kg 60A
636217 700W Yes 8mm DIN766 12mm 3strand 23 m/min 26 m/min 575 kg 12V 105kg 60A

Lofrans Lion Dimensions Diagram:

Lofrans Lion Dimensions

Lofrans Lion Dimensions Chart
Model A - Height F - Length L M N
700W 153 mm 272 mm 50 mm 93 mm 75 mm

M + N = Width overall including protruding gypsy = 168mm
M = distance from centre line to ouside edge of gypsy = 93mm
N = distance from centreline to outside edge of windlass, opposite side to gypsy = 75mm
L = distance from centre line of windlass to centre line of gypsy = 50mm

Lofrans Lion, included in the box:
Windlass assembly filled with oil, manual handle, control box, drilling template, fixing screws and CD manual

Lofrans Lion, not included in the box:
Circuit breaker, switches, remote controls or chain counters

Lofrans Circuit Breaker

700W 12V - use 70A

Lofrans Accessories

Lofrans 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty Registration Form

For Lofrans Lion 1000 Specification including links to Exploded Parts Diagram

Lofrans Lion Information Download

Jimmy Green Lofrans Installation and User Warranty Advisory Notice

  • Chain Size - 6mm
  • Chain Size - 8mm
  • Boat Length (Windlasses) - up to 25 feet
  • Boat Length (Windlasses) - up to 30 feet
  • Boat Length (Windlasses) - up to 35 feet
  • Horizontal or Vertical - Horizontal

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Lofrans Radio Remote Control, wireless 312976
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Lofrans Windlass Deck Foot Switches

Lofrans Circuit Breaker
Lofrans Maintenance Kit Royal

Lofrans Floating Locking Winch Handle

Lofrans Lion Template

Lofrans Lion Windlass Deck Template

Download (64.46KB)

Lofrans Lion Manual

Lofrans Lion Windlass Installation Manual and User Instructions

Download (3.95MB)