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Dinghy Sheets

Marlow Excel Pro - low stretch twisted core and durable 16plait cover in 100% Polyester - suitable for dinghy/dayboat club racing and cruising

Excel Marstron PLUS - Lightweight sheet with excellent handling and grip - Ideal for club racing and cruising dinghy/dayboat sheets

Marlow Excel Racing - Dyneema SK78 core for minimal stretch and a high strength to size ratio with an enhanced 16plait cover - delivers high performance applicable to racing halyards

Marlow Excel Racing GP78 - dinghy version of D2 Grand Prix 78. The Dyneema SK78 core provides high strength and low stretch. The technora/polyester blended cover provides ultimate wear resistance and grip. Perfect for all halyards but especially effective for spinnaker halyards.

Excel Fusion - Dyneema SK78 and Polypropylene blended cover with a Dyneema SK78 core: Good abrasion resistance, good Handling, low Stretch, light weight, low water absorption

Marlow Excel Taper Sheet - 16plait matt Polyester cover on a matching colour Excel Racing core, outer cover is designed to be stripped in areas that will not be handled, the Excel Racing cover can also be stripped back to the matching colour dyneema SK78 inner core

Marlow Excel Gemini - designed for mainsheets with split tails, the outer cover can be stripped back to reveal the twin dyneema cores, one inside the other

LIROS Dynasoft - blended 8 plait construction with core combines enhanced top grip Polyester and light weight very low stretch Dyneema

LIROS Magic Sheet - Top grip spin dyed 16plait polyester cover with 16 plait lightweight low water absorption polypropylene core - Ideal for club racing and cruising dinghy/dayboat sheets

LIROS Magic Pro - Cover: 16 plait spin dyed specially developed

Grip Fibre Polyester Core: Colour Matching Dyneema® SK78, LIROS Heat-Stretch-System, LIROS XTR Protective Grip-Coating - ideal for cover stripping

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Marlow Excel Racing - 6mm - New Colours with old colours available

Marlow Excel Racing GP78 - 4mm

Marlow Excel Racing GP78 - 5mm
LIROS Magic XTR - 4mm
LIROS Magic XTR - 5mm
LIROS Dynasoft - 5mm
LIROS Dynasoft - 6mm
LIROS Dynasoft - 8mm
LIROS Magic Pro - 3mm
LIROS Magic Pro - 4mm
LIROS Magic Pro - 5mm
LIROS Magic Sheet - 7mm