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Marlow Excel V12 Dinghy Control Lines

Marlow Excel V12 - 100% Vectran 12 strand hollowbraid construction, armour coating for UV stability, zero creep

Jimmy Green offer a full splicing and finishing service for Marlow V12 fibre rigging.

V12 is also available in 50m hanks and 100m reels for increased discounts.

Black is the standard colour for V12 although natural is also an option

Custom Build Instruction - FIBRE RIGGING

Marlow Recommended Applications: Control line tails, Halyards, Spinnaker Halyards, Steering Systems, Strops

Plus Factors:

  • Inspection Friendly
  • Easily repaired
  • Easily spliced
  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Good resistance to chemicals
  • High strength
  • Low elongation
  • Marlow ArmourCoat improves grip
  • Very low creep
  • Balanced construction distributes high loads equally throughout the line
  • No weight increase when wet
  • Excellent alternative to wire - lighter and no wire splinters

Excel V12 is suitable for applications where zero creep is essential and UV exposure can be managed.

Excel V12 can be combined with an MGP cover for use as halyards, sheets, tack lines, guys and runners.

Diameter 2.5mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm
Weight p100m 0.45kg 0.67kg 1.34kg 1.79kg 2.24kg
MBL 564kg 894kg 1510kg 2160kg 3020kg

MBL = Marlow Minimum Break Load

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Marlow Excel V12 - 2.5mm
Marlow Excel V12 - 3mm
Marlow Excel V12 - 4mm
Marlow Excel V12 - 5mm
Marlow Excel V12 - 6mm
Hank  50m Marlow Excel V12
Reel Deal - 100 metres Marlow Excel V 12