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Fillers and Sealants

Jimmy Green Marine offer fillers from Teroson and Plastic Padding for filling and fairing blemishes in the surface to be coated.

Jimmy Green Advisory: It is important to follow the manufacturer directions on preparation as well as application.

Guide to obtaining the best possible filling outcome:

  • Ensure that the surface is dry
  • Fill any cracks and dents with suitable filler, according to the substrate e.g. GRP, wood
  • Ensure that the surface is clean and particle (dust) free
  • Apply in dry, dust free conditions
  • Follow the manufacturer application instructions
  • Sand to a fair surface, aiming at the best practicable result to provide good adhesion and a smooth, aesthetically pleasing finish
  • Adhere to the drying/curing time stated on the tin before applying the first priming coat

Meticulous Packaging: The tins (or tubes) are packaged with care. Sometimes, the tin can arrive a little dented, but that doesn't affect the quality of the filler inside :-)

Shipping by Courier Fillers, Sealants and similar paint products can only be sent by specific couriers. Please select 'Antifoul and Paint' as your shipping option at checkout. Many couriers will not accept paint products. Royal Mail/Parcelforce ban it absolutely and threaten fines for misuse of their carrying terms. Therefore, there are no shipping options by post.

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