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Anti-Chafe Tubular Polyester Webbing - colour range
Anti-Chafe Tubular Polyester Webbing 33mm Black for 12-16mm rope

Abrasion Protection for rope up to 32mm

Sympathetic sheath for chain up to 13mm

Select the webbing width by your required rope diameter:
25mm webbing: 8mm-12mm rope
33mm webbing: 12mm-16mm rope - N.B. 33mm not available until September
40mm webbing: 16mm-20mm rope 
60mm webbing: 24mm-28mm rope, 60mm also fits on our 32mm - see below**

N.B. The maximum denoted rope diameter may require a mousing line to pull the end through the webbing


Price per metre

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Jimmy Green Marine have invested in the production of tubular polyester webbing direct from leading manufacturers in the UK and Europe.

The Jimmy Green Rigging team have checked the sizing on all our LIROS, Marlow and Gleistein ropes and use the webbing to produce bespoke mooring warps and bridles.

Anti-Chafe Tubular Polyester Webbing can provide excellent protection against wear, snagging and damaging UV rays for all your ropes and lines.

Abrasion is generally caused by repetitive movement against unsympathetic contact surfaces e.g. fairleads, cleats, clutches, tow rails, harbour walls etc.

Thread the tubular webbing onto a mooring/anchor rope or chain.

Use a whipping, lashing or tape at both ends to secure in position.

Anti-Chafe Tubular Webbing is suitable for rope diameters as follows:

25mm webbing - 8mm up to 12mm rope diameter
33mm webbing - 12mm up to 16mm rope diameter
40mm webbing - 16mm up to 20mm rope diameter
60mm webbing - 24mm up to 28mm rope diameter **

**60mm webbing does fit over our current stock pf 32mm Gleistein Geo-Square Polyester, but we can't be certain that it will fit over different manufacturers of 32mm.

Anti-Chafe Tubular Webbing is also suitable for fitting over chain on mooring strops to make it more comfortable to handle, a little less clunky and to alleviate the potential damaging effects of any metal contact.

Anti-Chafe Tubular Webbing is suitable for chain sizes as follows:

40mm webbing - 6mm, 7mm and 8mm Chain
60mm webbing - 10mm, 12mm and 13mm Chain

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