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Barton Deck Wear Pads - Clear

Barton Deck Wear Pads - Clear
Barton Deck Wear Pads - Clear. Instructions
Barton Deck Wear Pads - Clear.  Peeling off backing
Barton Deck Wear Pads - Clear. Shown applied to boat to protect from rope chafe.

Barton Self-Adhesive Deck Protection Clear Wear Pads

Designed to protect key areas on deck and superstructure

Set of 2 Pads

98mm x 208mm


More Information

Apply wherever there is risk of abrasion, chips, scuffs and wear.

Highest protection for extreme use

  • Cut to size
  • Fits both curved and flat surfaces
  • Easy to fit
  • UV resistant high bond 3M pressure sensitive backing
  • Excellent resistance to edge lifting, immersion and exposure to salt water

Barton Fitting Instructions:

Ensure that the surface is perfectly clean; remove all traces of dirt, salt, moisture and grease.

For rough surfaces, ie. non slip deck surfaces, lightly sand the surface with sandpaper for better adhesion.

Align the pad or disc and trim to size with scissors if necessary.

Press down firmly with a hard edged plastic tool which is the full width of the pad or disc to provide the necessary pressure at the point of lamination.