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stainless steel jaw and jaw swivel
stainless steel jaw and jaw swivel

Marine Grade Stainless

Plain Bearing (meaning no ball bearings or bushes)

Shackle pin attachment at both ends

Size refers to pin diameter

Facilitates rotation in chain and rope assemblies


More Information

APL Jaw and Jaw Swivels are manufactured from marine grade stainless steel.

Swivels are useful for attaching items that may need to rotate through a complete 360 degree circle.

Stainless Steel Jaw and Jaw Swivel Dimensions
Product Pin Diameter Length Overall Length, nut to pin Outside Width Jaw Width Weight APL Break Load
SSSJJ08 8mm 94mm 16mm 27mm 16mm 0.13kg 2500kg
SSSJJ10 10mm 118mm 22mm 35mm 20mm 0.26kg 3500kg
SSSJJ13 12mm 152mm 28mm 57mm 26mm 0.58kg 6000kg
SSSJJ16 16mm 188mm 37mm 71mm 32mm 1.2kg 10800kg
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