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Fortress Anchor FX7

Fortress Anchor FX7
Fortress Anchor
Fortress Anchor
Fortress Anchor FX7
Fortress Anchor Fluke Angle adjustment
Fortress Anchor assembly
Fortress Anchor
Fortress Anchor Size Guide

World renowned:

Lightweight, Strong, Fast Setting

Precision machined from aluminium alloy

Easy to disassemble and stow

Durable anodised finish

Corrosion resistant


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More Information

Fortress Anchors are widely regarded as the world's best anchor.

In test after test, from coast to coast and around the world, no anchor in history has consistently outperformed other anchors as much as the Fortress Anchor.


  • Years of research and development
  • High-tech materials
  • Manufacturing quality control

Thousands of real world tests are your assurance of performance, quality and value.

Fortress weighs only half as much as heavier steel anchors and yet outperforms them all.
The Fortress design does not depend upon weight to provide world class performance.
All this adds up to the best value in anchoring safety and convenience.

Precision machined from an aluminium alloy that is as strong as steel but only half the weight, the Fortress is easy to manage, rustproof, sharper than heavy, dull edged steel and will set faster and penetrate deeper into common sea bottoms for incredible holding power.
Fortress Anchors come with a Lifetime Parts Replacement Warranty.
If an anchor part becomes bent or damaged, then please contact Fortress for an immediate replacement.

The Fortress is popular for 3 main reasons: they are stronger, faster and lighter than other anchors.


A review by the US Navy states that ‘Fortress anchors had far greater holding power than any other anchor tested.’ What an accolade! Over the years anchor design has been completely revolutionised and designers no longer rely on weight for the anchor’s ability to hold. Fortress is no different – Fortress have designed an anchor that relies on its shape to hold position. The fluke angle is adjustable between 32° & 45° which dramatically increases holding power in problem soft mud bottoms – a patented feature for the Fortress anchor. This is why the Fortress has proved itself time & time again. One such occasion is Yachting Monthly – In a nutshell, their reviewer said ‘It’s holding power was absolutely astonishing.’ Yachting Monthly Anchor Review For further test results see the Fortress Comparison Tests

Faster Setting:
A faster setting anchor means peace of mind regardless of the situation. The Fortress anchor is precision made in aluminium-magnesium alloy with sharper flukes that set faster in common seabeds.

Lighter = easier to handle
The Fortress Anchor is far lighter than other anchors on the market. relying on design rather than weight to hold position.

Fortress Anchor features:

  • Stronger
  • Faster setting
  • Lighter
  • Lifetime parts replacement warranty – free replacements forever - available direct from Fortress USA
  • Easily disassembled
  • Easy storage
  • Excellent as spare or storm anchor
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Attractive design
  • Extremely durable
  • Adjustable 32° to 45° fluke angle
  • Tough anodized finish

Fortress Size Selection Guide

Fortress Anchor Quick Glance Guide:
FX Weight Max Boat Length Shank Length (A) Fluke Length (B) Stock Length (C)
FX7 1.9kg below 8m 610mm 356mm 483mm
FX11 3.2kg 8-10m 686mm 406mm 559mm
FX16 4.7kg 10-12 m 787mm 457mm 635mm
FX23 7.1kg 12-14m 914mm 533mm 737mm
FX37 10.6kg 14-15.5m 1016mm 610mm 813mm
FX55 16kg 16-18m 1168mm 686mm 940mm

Fortress Warranty Registration Form

Fortress Safe Anchoring Guide

  • Finish - Aluminum
  • Anchor Weight kg - 16.0kg
  • Anchor Weight kg - 1.9kg
  • Anchor Weight kg - 3.2kg
  • Anchor Weight kg - 4.7kg
  • Anchor Weight kg - 7.1kg
  • Anchor Weight kg - 10.6kg

Fortress Stowaway Anchor Bag