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Spade Anchor, PBO best buy
Spade Anchor, PBO best buy
Spade Anchor, Aluminium A Series
Spade Anchor, Aluminium A Series
Spade Anchor Dimensions imperial and metric
Spade Anchor, shank dimensions, imperial and metric

Lightweight Aluminium

High Holding Power

Designed by Alain Poiraud

Excellent stowable spare anchor

Spade claim to be the world's most reliable anchor

Please allow up to 14 days for delivery from our manufacturing partners for the Aluminium A Series Anchors

N.B. Size A80 7kg is in stock ready for despatch


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Please allow up to 14 days for delivery from our manufacturing partners for the Aluminium A Series Anchors

Spade Anchor features:

Spade stowage - the Spade is designed to be dismantled with ease for convenient storage until required for deployment

Spade - unique triangular ballast chamber filled with lead - designed to land the anchor at the optimum angle for penetration every time (a similar angle to a chisel being used in wood) and, just as importantly, locates 50% of the total weight directly over the penetrating tip, maximising the Spade's ability to dig into the most impenetrable sea beds, e.g. Mediterranean seagrass, thick weed and kelp

Spade digs in - beginning the second it lands on the seabed, assisted by the Spade's optimum angle and weight distribution.

Spade holds - by presenting its full surface area towards the direction of load - the larger the surface area, the greater the holding power. Any load sufficient enough to move the anchor will cause it to bury further. A convex* blade can pull out with a sudden wind or tide shift, but the SPADE's concave blade will remain buried. A concave blade acts like a parachute under the seabed and continues to remain buried and offer maximum resistance even when the load is so great that it begins to move.  The SPADE will not pull out during wind or tide shifts. Instead, it chisels its way around to the new direction.

Spade keeps on holding - built to withstand enormous loads as they keep holding long after other anchors have dragged.

Spade anchors are built for optimum performance rather than down to a price and come with a six-month manufacturer full satisfaction warranty.

Spade Video

The Spade video illustrates that:
A Spade digs in immediately
A Spade will turn during wind and tide shifts without pulling free
A Spade will always land at the optimum angle for penetration, but should it somehow land upside down, it will flip over instantly.
The Spade unique design means it will penetrate even when clogged with mud or sand.
A Spade can be dismantled for convenient stowage - the two pieces are held together by one NON-load-bearing bolt.

Spade 7-point safety criteria:

  1. The anchor must dig in fast.
  2. The anchor must bury deep.
  3. The anchor must give the maximum holding power without dragging.
  4. The anchor must offer constant resistance to movement – even if it eventually moves under extreme load.
  5. The anchor must hold despite wind or current shifts.
  6. The anchor rode must not be able to snag the anchor.
  7. The anchor must be strong enough to withstand very high loads.

Spade anchors deliver on all seven safety criteria, and in addition, Spade Anchors offer these extra benefits:

  • Spade does not require a special mooring line or anchoring technique.
  • Spade can be used with a low rode length to depth ratio
  • Spades are painted bright yellow so you can visually check how well they are dug in
  • Spades are self-launching and self-retrieving.
  • Spades fit snugly on most bow rollers, presenting a rounded forward surface
  • Spades can be easily dismantled into shank and body for storage or transport

March 2023 Spade Update - The manufacturer has updated their sizing recommendation chart:Spade Anmchor Size Guide, Aluminium

Spade size relates to Surface Area, e.g.  A40 = 400 square centimetres

Aluminium A Series Spade Anchors are much lighter size for size than Galvanised or Stainless Steel making them ideal as stowable spare, secondary or kedge anchors.

Spade Quote: "Aluminium version not recommended for use as a primary anchor" and "Select one size larger for multihulls."

Spade Dimensions

Aluminium Spade A Series Sizing and Dimensions Chart
Size / Weight Surface Area A/B/C/D/E/F/G (mm) Monohull Length Monohull Displacement Multihull Length Multihull Displacement
A40 = 2.5kg 400cm² 578 / 228 / 242 / 264 / 435 / 270 / 6 <6.5m <1T N/A N/A
A60 = 4.5kg 600cm² 687 / 287 / 295 / 315 / 518 / 335 / 6 <7.5m <2T <6.5m <1T
A80 = 7kg 800cm² 785 / 324 / 325 / 345 / 589 / 346 / 8 <10.5m <4.5T <7.5m <2T
A100 = 12kg 1000cm² 892 / 365 / 380 / 392 / 670 / 393 / 8 <12.5m <6.5T <10.5m <4.5T
A120 not available        
A140 = 18.5kg 1400cm² 1053 / 415 / 445 / 462 / 464 / 12 <18m <15T <12.5m <6.5
A160 not available        
A180 not available        
A200 = 26kg 2000cm² 1200 / 505 / 545 / 532 / 910 / 530 / 12 <25m <30T <18m <15T

The latest Spade Anchor specification and Size Chart

  • Finish - Aluminum
  • Anchor Weight kg - 2.5kg
  • Anchor Weight kg - 7.0kg
  • Anchor Weight kg - 9.0kg
  • Anchor Weight kg - 15.0kg
  • Anchor Weight kg - 25.0kg
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