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Lewmar LFX Anchor

Lewmar LFX Anchor

Lightweight and strong

High-grade aluminium alloy

Tough, durable and corrosion-resistant

Anodised finish

Performs best in mud and sand environments


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New from Lewmar

Produced to compliment the range of Lewmar Anchors.

The Lewmar LFX Aluminum Anchor has super high holding power with and adjustable fluke angle for different conditions.

Easily detachable for locker storage (minimal tools required).

Weight range
LFX4 - 2 kg - 4lb
LFX7 - 3.2kg - 7lb
LFX10 - 4.5kg - 10lb

  • Finish - Aluminum
  • Anchor Weight kg - 2.0kg
  • Anchor Weight kg - 3.2kg
  • Anchor Weight kg - 4.5kg
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Lewmar LFX

Lewmar LFX Assembly Instructions and Safe Anchoring Guide

Download (1.99MB)