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Coastline Trip Hook
Coastline Trip Hook
Coastline Trip Hook

Anchor Retrieval Hook

Free your anchor from under a chain.

Optional LIROS 3 strand polyester lanyards spliced directly onto the hook by the Jimmy Green Rigging Team.

Lanyards are produced to order, subject to splicing lead times.


More Information

Coastline Technology Anchor Trip Hook - the solution to retrieving your anchor when caught under a ground chain or another yacht's anchor chain

Lift the overlaying chain without having to pull it to the surface, enabling you to free your own anchor warp and pull it in.

Developed by Coastline Technology


  • Lightweight (220g, 7 ounces), so easy to take on your charter holiday
  • Heavy enough to sink, even if floating lines are used
  • Strong enough for adverse conditions (tested to over 1 tonne load)
  • Very high spec light alloy
  • Strong and will not rust
  • 18mm diameter holes so they can accept most lines that you are likely to have on board without needing a shackle
  • Extended arm assists grabbing the chain in the first place and upward slope helps to retain it
  • The trip-line hole is located to allow the hook to be steered towards the chain and keep the hook open
  • The trip line hole is also located so that the trip line requires a modest pull to activate the trip action and therefore minimise the chances of accidentally dropping the load
  • Size approx 200mm x 150mm

Available as:

Hook only
Hook with Jimmy Green Spliced Lanyards - ready to use
2 x 3 metres finished length 8mm 3 strand white LIROS polyester spliced directly onto the fixing points with a 30cm loop spliced on the other end
LIROS Rope professionally finished in house by the Jimmy Green Rigging Team