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Ultra Trip Hook Sizes
Ultra Trip Hook
Ultra Trip Hook - UTH-S
Ultra Trip Hook

Manufactured from 316 stainless steel

UTH-S for chain up to 8mm
UTH-B for chain 9.5mm upward

Optional LIROS 3 strand polyester lanyards spliced directly onto the hook, in-house, by the Jimmy Green Rigging Team

Lanyards are produced to order, subject to splicing lead times


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Designed for retrieving your anchor when you find it hooked under a ground chain or another anchor rode

Weighty enough to resist wind and current forces during deployment

Available as: Hook only
Hook with Spliced Lanyards - ready to use
Spliced directly onto the fixing points with a 30cm loop spliced on the other end
LIROS Rope combined with splicing provided by the Jimmy Green Rigging Team



  • Lanyard 2 x 3 metres finished length 8mm 3 strand white LIROS polyester
  • Weight 0.7kg
  • 210mm long, 165mm wide (eye to hook end), 12mm thick


  • Lanyard 2 x 4 metres finished length 16mm 3 strand white LIROS polyester
  • Weight 3kg
  • 375mm long, 300mm wide (eye to hook end), 12mm thick
Ultra Trip Hook Specifications
Size Product Code Length Width Thickness Weight
Small UTH-S 213mm 156mm 12mm 0.66kg
Large UTH-B 375mm 300mm 12mm 3.0kg