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Alderney Anchor Ring System
Alderney Anchor Ring System
Alderney Anchor Ring
Alderney Anchor Ring System Example
Spliced Loop
A2 Buoy

Anchor Retrieval Method - Alderney ring and buoy

Simple, but effective

Tried and tested process

Everything included: S/S ring, buoy, spliced lanyard, carabine

Recommended maximum anchor = 27kg

Supplied deflated

Produced to order 


More Information

Alderney Anchor Ring - Anchor Retrieval System

The Alderney Anchor Ring System is a tried and tested method for pulling your anchor and chain from the seabed to the surface combining the horsepower of the boat's engine and the buoyancy of a mooring buoy.

Alderney Anchor Ring System comprises:

  • Stainless Steel Anchor Ring
  • Polyform Norway top quality white A series mooring buoy/fender
  • Buoy option - select A2 or A3
  • Jimmy Green spliced short lanyard with carabine

Short Lanyard Specification:

  • Spliced in house by the Jimmy Green Rigging Team
  • 10mm LIROS 3 strand White Polyester
  • Finished length = 0.6 metres
  • 100mm stainless steel carabine with eye spliced into one end
  • Lanyard loop splice on the other end, see instructions below

Alderney Anchor Ring Set Up Guidance:
Pass the lanyard loop eye splice through the rope eye on the buoy.
Pass the carabine through the lanyard loop.
Thread the ring on to your anchor chain
Snap the carabine onto the double eye formed in the anchor ring.

The Anchor Ring is a straight forward tool that utilises the buoyancy in the mooring buoy to lift the anchor to the surface making the anchor rode easy to retrieve with a minimum heavy hauling or lifting.

Alderney Anchor Ring Facts and Features:

  • Recommended maximum capacity = 27kg anchor
  • Split ring design makes it easy to fit and detach from the anchor chain
  • Marine Grade Stainless Steel
  • Instructions included with the ring

Watch the video for guidance on how to use the Alderney Ring concept

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Alderney Ring


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