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Clearance Sarca Excel Anchors
Clearance Sarca Excel Anchors - 12.5 Kg - top of shank connection end,  chips in galvanising
Clearance Sarca Excel Anchors - 12.5 Kg
Clearance Sarca Excel Anchors - 12.5 Kg general condition detail
Clearance Sarca Excel Anchors #4 - detail of shank chip

New and unused

Structurally 100% sound

Genuine Anchor Right manufacture, not a copy

2 options available, please see details below

25% discount for anyone who is pragmatic about their anchor's appearance.

N.B. The anchors are not sold as pristine and may need some touching up with cold galvanising during their working life

£392.00 -25%


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More Information

- Size 3 - 12.5kg - Surface scratches from unsuccessful fit to boat
- Size 4 - 16kg - Plough tip flattening and galvanising step change on shank

Sarca Excel Anchors - Manufactured by Anchor Right in Australia

More information on the SARCA Excel 

SARCA Excel Cardboard Profile Templates

These clearance anchors have been put aside and gathered together from all our multiple shipments from Australia.

There are surprisingly few considering how many pristine anchors we have sold through.

They all have imperfections in the galvanising finish e.g. 

Damage in transit:

  • Scuffs, dents and scratches in random places, but primarily on vulnerable edges

Variation in galvanising finish - colour and appearance:

  • On the stainless cutting toe
  • On the Bisalloy® Grade 80 structural steel (or equivalent) in size four and above

Galvanising not 'fusing' properly

  • Small patches where the molten zinc didn't complete the chemical reaction with the steel and the galvanising has separated slightly from the surface.
  • These occurrences are not common and are generally confined to the top edge of the shank, where the steel is such a high grade.

Remedial Action

  • If you don’t mind your anchor looking less than pristine, you may not need to do much.
  • If you want to keep the galvanising finish in good condition, a light rub down to remove any brown staining and an application of cold galvanising will do the trick.
  • Galvanising Spray is easy to apply and can last well even in a marine environment – Zinga is probably the best.

Individual Photos

If you would like some photos of a specific anchor, please email with the size request.