Marlow Dyneema Chafe Sleeve

48 plait hollowbraid

100% dyneema SK75

Cut and abrasion resistant

Excellent chafe cover for high wear areas

Available in 3 sizes in black or white

Check our sizing advisory below

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£ 6.50 inc VAT

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Marlow Dyneema Chafe Sleeve is manufactured in a 48 plait hollowbraid conmstruction from 100% Dyneema SK75.

The hollowbraid design makes it possible to enlarge and sleeve over any parts of a line that are subject to excessive wear such as halyard tips, sheets where they pass through spinnaker pole ends

Marlow Dyneema Chafe Sleeve Facts and Features:

  • 100% Dyneema SK75 (high modulus polyethylene)
  • Malleable hollowbraid construction
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable in the hand
  • Low friction surface
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Cut resistant
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • UV Resilient
  • Extremely durable in a marine environment

SizeNominal DiameterMassConstructionMinimum Ø Maximum Ø
1010mm20g/m48 plait5mm14mm
1212mm32g/m48 plait7mm18mm
1414mm42g/m48 plait9mm20mm

Minimum Ø and Maximum Ø
The table above refers to Marlow minimum and maximum recommended line diameters.

Jimmy Green Advisory:

It is a tricky operation to successfully sheath a dyneema chafe sleeve over any line and especially over the Marlow minimum and maximum recommendations.
Buying according to the chart below may make the task a little easier and result in a tidier finish

Minimum Ø 
Maximum Ø

Useful tips on Chafe Sleeve:
Take particular care not to snag a strand or upset the weave more than necessary.
Open up the diameter of the sleeve and gently push onto the end of the line as far it will go easily.
Then smooth the sleeve forward imitating a 'concertina' or 'caterpillar' movement.
Once the sleeve is in position, use a leather glove to smooth it outward from the middle to compress it over the line as tightly as possible.
Secure each end by separating and tapering the sleeve.
The taper can be inserted in to the cover or left external - either way the ends should be covered and secured by a whipping.

Astute positioning of Dyneema Chafe Sleeve is well worth the effort for offshore and ocean cruising, extending the life of your halyards, sheets and control lines.

Please note, this type of sleeving is not suitable for use in clutches and jammers.

For extra grip and wear resistance in clutches, use LIROS Grip Protect

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