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Purchase System Storage Sleeve and Sock
Purchase System Storage Sleeve

Sleeve = two open ends
Sock = one closed end

For use with 6:1 / 8:1 purchase system

Keep your system tangle free


More Information

Tangle-free, compact stowage solution for 6:1 and 8:1 Purchase Systems while fully extended.


The system can be fully extended and then slipped into the sock, so that the carabine tail and the bottom block are at the bottom of the sock.

The system can then be coiled into a more compact storage size without risking tangles.

The sock is 3 metres long and features a draw string opening at one end.

The draw string can be used to attach to the top block with cleat.


The sleeve is 3 metres long and features a draw string opening at one end and two sewn loops of cord at the other open end.

The two cord loops can be attached to the clevis pin on the top cam cleat block.

The draw string can be attached to the bottom block.

The sleeve is loose and light enough to compress easily as the system closes up.

i.e. the system can be used without taking off the sleeve.

N.B. Be careful not to prevent the free running of the purchase system when attaching the strings to the blocks.

Any purchase system should be tested thoroughly before setting sail.