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The Seldén Group is a world leader and manufacturer of rig systems for dinghies, keelboats and yachts.

Selden Clevis Pins

Selden CX Furling Kit

Selden Stanchion Fairlead
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Selden Eye Bolt

Selden Eye Bolt


Selden Folding Pad Eye 6mm 508 750 01R and 8mm 508 760 01R

Furlex 104S

Selden Furlex 104S


Furlex 204S

Selden Furlex 204S


Furlex 304S

Selden Furlex 304S


Furlex 404S

Selden Furlex 404S


Selden Furlex 50S

Selden GX furling systems

Selden Halyard Lead 508-159