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Quick manufacture windlasses and deck hardware to the highest standard in Ravenna, Italy

SINCE 1982

Michele Marzucco and Alfonso Peduto started work as partners in the marine industry at the Comar shipyard in 1982. This quickly led to the foundation of PM Marina, specialising in sales, installation and after-sales management of marine electronics, refrigeration, air conditioning, heating and electrical systems.

Almost ten years later, in 1992, PM Marina successfully acquired Quick

Since 2006 Quick Spa has been in the United States as Quick USA INC, which develops commercial and technical assistance activities for the USA.
Quick Spa is also present in the UK with Quick UK, founded in 2018.

In 2018 Michele Marzucco started a new important challenge, acquiring the shareholder's shares and opening the compay to his two sons, Chiara and Carlo.

In 2019 Quick Spa launched an important expansion of its workforce in Italy and abroad, employing managerial figures with international professional experience.

Quick S.p.A. unipersonale
Via Piangipane 120/A
48124 Piangipane (RA)

Ph. +39 0544 415 061
Fax 39 0544 415 047

Quick Prince DP2 Vertical Windlass
Quick Spare Replacement Parts
Quick Chain Counter QNC CHC
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Quick Windlass Circuit Breakers
Quick Windlass Control Board Switch
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Quick Windlass Control Panel Switch
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Quick Windlass Foot Switch 900
Quick Windlass Foot Switch 900X