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Chain Hook, stainless steel
Chain Hook, stainless steel

Simple Stainless Steel Design:

Fits over a link and holds on the next one

Takes the strain from your windlass

Alleviates the snatch on your anchor rode

Deploy with a nylon snubbing line


More Information

Stainless Steel Chain Hook

Suitable for:

Taking the strain from your windlass.

Alleviating the snatch on your anchor rode.

Chain hook on the chain

The hook fits over one link and bears against the next link, see illustration above

Deploy the hook in conjunction with a nylon line comparable in strength with your main anchor rode.

A mooring compensator on the nylon line will subdue the snatch load.

This hook is also available from Jimmy Green Marine spliced and finished to your requirements, ready to deploy

  1. Spliced and Finished Single Snubbing Line in 3 strand or Anchorplait Nylon
  2. Spliced and Finished Snubbing V shaped bridle in Anchorplait Nylon

The V shaped bridle centres the load by sharing the load through both bow fairleads, port and starboard

6mm chain hook also fits 7mm
8mm Chain hook also fits 7mm and 10mm