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Ultra Marine Chain Grab
Ultra Marine Chain Grab
Ultra Marine Chain Grab
Ultra Marine Chain Grab Guide
Ultra Marine Chain Grab

Marine grade stainless steel

Supreme break load design

Simple grab attachment under load

Unique side entry design

Easy to attach to a loaded chain

Automatic disengagement on retrieval

Take the load off your windlass

Reduce the shock load on your chain with a suitably stretchy snubbing line


More Information

Manufactured by UltraMarine Anchors from marine grade stainless steel

Supreme break load design

Simple grab attachment to anchor chain under load with the unique Ultra side entry design

Takes the strain off the windlass when at anchor

Automatic release when the windlass takes up the strain for anchor retrieval

Eliminates the creaking sound of an anchor chain on your bow roller by transferring chain pressure from the windlass to the mooring cleat

Deploy in conjunction with a nylon line comparable with your main anchor rode.

A mooring compensator on the nylon line will help to alleviate the snatch load

Also available from Jimmy Green Marine spliced and finished to your requirements, ready to deploy

  1. Spliced and Finished Single Snubbing Line in 3 strand or Anchorplait Nylon
  2. Spliced and Finished Snubbing V shaped bridle in Anchorplait Nylon

The V shaped bridle centres the load by sharing the load through both bow fairleads, port and starboard

The chart below is a guide only.

Ultra Chain Grab Selection Guide
Chain Grab Model Assorted Metric Size Chains Norminal Chain Wire Diametre Ultra Chain Grab Breaking Strength
Millimeters (mm) Inches Kilograms (kg) Pounds (lb)
UCG06 O6 5.6mm 3/16" 1120kg 2500lbs
UCG08 O7 7.1mm 1/4" 3200kg 7000lbs
O8 8.64mm 5/16"
UCG10 O10 10.4mm 3/8" 5000kg 11000lbs
UCG13 O12 11.9mm 7/16" 8000kg 17600lbs
O13 13.5mm 1/2"
UCG16 O16 16.7mm 5/8" 8400kg 18500lbs
UCG20 O18 18.3mm 11/16" 1400kg 31000lbs
O20 19.8mm 3/4"
  • Chain Size - 6mm
  • Chain Size - 8mm
  • Chain Size - 10mm
  • Chain Size - 12mm